If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye.

Jesus once said that the Kingdom is taken by violent men – men who understand that in order to love as He loves, to walk where He goes, we must live out all the courage, all the ferocity, all the passion and desire He has given us in our hearts (Psalm 139).

The lives of the persecuted witness this passion, through sharing in the sufferings of Christ. Christian author Ken Gire once wrote that “to us has been given the greatest of all songs to sing. It is not important that we sing it professionally, with great polish, but that we sing it passionately, with great heart.”

This is the story of our lives, as well as the persecuted around the world. We sing to the tune of Grace. We dance to the rhythm of the real life offered to us by Jesus. We join him as his Intimate Allies, as his Friends, being let in on the secrets and treasures of the Kingdom. That is why your prayers on behalf of the persecuted around the world is so crucial, so needed, so desired. Thank you!

Voice Of Martyr [Web Editor]


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