One’s Mouth Brings Forth One’s Heart

This is somewhat old news but I just ran across it and thought it worthy of consideration in light of the spiritual maturity of the church in America is today. Pray the church in America would return to the firm foundation of God’s word.

The following are blurbs from an interview between Joel Osteen and Wolf Blitzer in the ‘Situation Room’ back on November 9, 2007. You can read the entire RUSH TRANSCRIPTS

Wolf Blitzer ask Osteen about the moral issues of abortion and gay rights. The question posed to Osteen was “do you get involved in trying to express your opinions on those sensitive issues?”

Osteen skirted the issue by responding, “You know, I would say this, Wolf, I don’t crusade against them or crusade to make my opinion known. Again, I feel like my calling is to bring hope and encouragement and teach people how to live their everyday lives. But I’m not for abortion and I don’t think homosexuality is God’s best but I just try to stay in my calling and the main thing is we’re for everybody to bring them hope and encouragement and not to exclude a certain group from our following.”

As a preacher of the gospel we should not be looking for man’s opinion, especially on doctrines that are black and white, no room for grey interpretation. Why not just expound the scripture? Preach the word. Be instant in season and out of season!

Wolf Blitzer followed Osteen’s answer with the following statement “Explain why you think homosexuality is not God’s best because homosexuals believe that was the way God created them. They were born this way to either love women or love men and they had no choice in the matter and this is simply the way, the way God created them.”

Joel Osteen’s response to Blitzer’s question “You know, Wolf I can’t say that I understand it all. I don’t. When I read things like that, I don’t know that I understand it all. I just go back to the foundation of my faith. It’s based on the truth that I found in the bible and I only see, you know, relationships between men and women is the way God created us to be. I’m not saying I condemn them. I’m not saying I understand it all, but I just, I have to say this is my core belief on the inside.”

I honestly feel that Joel Osteen has propagated his gospel of prosperity and blessing for so long that he could not muster the Spirit to say that ‘homosexuality’ is the fruit of sin and an abomination in the eyes of God. I am not really sure he understands- maybe what Christ was referring to when He said “leave them alone; the blind need leaders”. As a preacher of the gospel, and more importantly, a pastor, I am not sure which is the saddest, that he may not really understand the teaching of the scripture, or doesn’t feel the conviction to call sin, sin.

Wolf Blitzer continued his line of questioning, “And what about same-sex marriage or same-sex unions. If two men love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other or two women love each other, should they get the benefits, the rights that heterosexual couples have?”

Osteen’s response, “You know, Wolf, I’m not up to speed on all that. I just – I don’t believe again that it’s God’s best for us to say that a marriage is between a man, I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I don’t know about all the technical issues. I’m certainly for everybody having a chance in life and being kind and respectful to everyone. But I just don’t know if I’m up to speed on it all.”

If there was ever an opportunity for a man of God to stand upon the unadulterated word of God, this was it. It would have been better for Joel Osteen not even to have appeared on the ‘Situation Room‘, than to have appeared as a representative of God’s Word and then not stand upon it. Jesus said it is a firm foundation and shall with stand any storm that life can throw at us; Matthew 7:24-29.…. even the situation room.

Appropriately Wolf Blitzer close the interview with this question, “Have you ever considered running for office?”

Joel Osteen, “No, sir, I haven’t. I have had people ask, but I just don’t feel like, you know, at this point that’s what I’m called to do. I just feel like you know I am doing what I was born to do right now.”

My Christian friends, we never have to feel ashamed that we can not stand upon the firm foundation of God’s word. The enemies of the cross would wish so.


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  1. Amen..We must stop sugar coating sin. Before anyone is going to be saved, and seek repentence, they must realize they are a sinner. I don’t understand how you can claim to preach God’s word, yet never preach on sin. He doesn’t have to say what he believes, or what he thinks is right. Tell them what God says in His word. I’ve watched tape of Joel on Larry King live, and if I were him I would be thoroughly embarrassed. The sad thing is, how many people are sitting in his church(stadium) thinking they are saved..when in truth they are headed to hell..

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