The stinking savour of dead flies….

By now you may have gotten wind of the perplexing circumstances that have overtaken Rep. Vito Fossella (R-N.Y.) about his May 1st arrest outside of Washington on charges of driving while intoxicated. Seems his D.W.I. arrest may be the least of his worries.

Fossella, married and the father of three children, later announced that he has fathered a 3-year-old daughter with a woman outside his marriage and there are serious questions about misuse of public monies for personal pleasure. Read the article in its entirety below. [Resource -New York Post]

New York Rep. Fossella faces calls for his resignation

Vito Fossella- Biographical Information

When one reads the qualifications of Rep. Vito Fossella, there is no denying that he is a brilliant man and one with impeccable credentials. In 1994 Fossella was a lawyer, private practice; New York, N.Y., city council member; was elected as a Republican to the One Hundred Fifth Congress, by special election to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of United States Representative Susan Molinari.

His congressional platform was grounded upon honesty, integrity and family values. His  opinions and condemnation concerning the sexual promiscuities of then President Bill Clinton were both public and vocal.

Now there appears to be dead flies in his own ointment……….

Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honor. Eccl 10:1

When the public elects a man or a woman and places them in a position of leadership and authority, there is a level of responsibility and accountability that should be held in the highest esteem. It seems that this type of public embarrassment by public officials is more and more commonplace. Republican or Democrat, it matters not, they have all gone astray.

A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth. Eccl 7:1

It is true, that a man can spend a lifetime building a credible reputation only to allow one act of foolishness to destroy all of his work.