In March of 2005, NBC Dateline ran a special on the Bennie Hinn Ministries. Below are some revelations from the program that was aired. Source:

Hinn is founder, chairman, president and CEO of BHM. Through his crusades – which collect untold amounts of cash, as well as donations through checks and credit cards – and television program, “This is Your Day,” Hinn raises upwards of $100 million annually. • Hinn’s salary is somewhere between half a million and a million dollars per year. He also gets royalties from the sales of his books;
• Personal perks for Hinn, family and his entourage include a $10 million seaside mansion; a private jet with annual operating costs of about
$1.5 million; a Mercedes SUV and convertible, each valued at about $80,000;
• What the church termed “layovers” between crusades included hotel bills ranging from $900 per night to royal suites that cost almost $3,000
for one night’s stay. Layover locations included Hawaii, Cancun, London, Milan and other exotic locations.
• Beverly Hills shopping sprees;
• Receipts showing Hinn’s daughter receiving $1,300 in petty cash; her boyfriend getting $2,550 for babysitting; $23,000 in cash dispersed to
Hinn and his wife; and, $25,000 in cash for expenses for a crusade – 30 minutes away from Hinn’s home;
• Hinn continues to espouse the theologically-suspect self-serving Word-of-Faith or “prosperity” gospel. Jesus and his followers never amassed
personal wealth through their ministry and instead lived a clearly sacrificial life. Hinn would be wise to follow this example and encourage his
followers to do likewise as this would lead to much greater spiritual prosperity, the value of which far exceeds anything material;
• Hinn employs two primary methods to manipulate those that watch him – promising healings to those afflicted with chronic or terminal ill-nesses, and claiming that donations are “seeds” being planted by the donor that will result in the gift giver enjoying financial blessings;
• Television producer Nathan Daniel, a former BHM employee who was hired to improve the public image, instead reported to NBC, “There was
never one complete record that would suit the criteria for documented miracle healing.”

Now consider Sua Yinh Siong of Lau Chai village, in Sapa district in the Northwest Mountainous Region of Vietnam Source:CompassDirectNews

Which testimony exudes the aroma of Christ and His Spirit?

Which testimony would be the easiest sell to the church in America?

Pray for our brothers and sisters that are in the fire for the cause of Christ.



  1. I would like to see him justify the spending or present evidence that it is not what it seems to be. This destroys the witness for Christ.


  2. For the likes of Hinn’s spending, there is no justification, at least biblically speaking.

    In terms of destroying the witness for Christ…. I don’t really see it that way. The only witness that is destroyed is with the one who is looking for a reason not to believe. It is a case where someone justifies their rejection of God’s word while blaming it on the seeming liability (fault) on another man, while all along the only man that is at fault is the man that rejects His gospel.

    What I see in all of this is a fulfilment of God’s word. Study the character of the false teachers. God’s word has hit them spot on. You know the word of God is true….


  3. I work around atheists. Their impressions of Christians is based on what they see on TV, They can be very abusive toward me, (others too) assuming I am the same way. In other words, what they see on TV cancels my testimony, and makes me a liar.

  4. marianne, don’t allow them to convince you that the ‘tv’ is what has kept them from the truth of the gospel. Take this opportunity to share with them the truth of God’s word…. 2 Peter chpt 2 and Jude will speak volumes to the fact that God warned us of such. These false teacher / preachers did not take God by surprise, it should not us.

    Now they are in place to either believe or rejct God’s Christ. Chances are they will still be very abusive, because their heart is bent toward sin. They love darkness rather than light. What one sees on ‘tv’ can never quich the light of the true witness of Christ.

    Love not the world and stand fast upon His word.


  5. Because of what they see on TV, they do not believe me, and mock anything I say. I understand the problems of TV preachers. I do not mind the difficult time, but I do mind false teachers on TV making people turn away, instead of to, Christ.

    The bible says there would be scoffers in the last days, but I did not imagine that it would be due to bad Christian behavior.

  6. One thing marianne that I feel is way too important to let slip….

    There is nothing that would have kept Zacchaeus from climbing that sycamore tree…..

    There is nothing, no ‘tv preacher’, no false teacher, no nothing, that will keep one from coming to Christ that has a heart bent towards repentance. If we believe that, we must agree that there is an external circumstances greater than God’s salvation, to which I do not believe. Only an individuals heart…. is it content on dwelling in darkness (sin) or does it desire the Light of the glorious gospel?

    Always remember my friend, there is no power in darkness, only the absence of light. Light is where the power rest. When it is present, no matter the amount, it dispels darkness. God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness hath shined in our heart to give us the knowledge of Him!


  7. IIt seems that i have to fight against what “christians” do, in order to witness for Christ.

    I was hoping for their cooperation.

    But I understand. I have to keep going.

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