Christ is not on the cross, He is alive……..

On June 5, 2008 The Christian Post ran this article ‘Jesus Statue Stolen off Detroit Crucifix’ , about thieves who stole an 8-foot statue of Jesus Christ off a crucifix in Detroit.

There are some uncertainties as to why the statue was removed from the crucifix on an out side exterior wall of the Church of the Messiah in Detroit, but some thoughts are that the green plaster statue was mistaken for copper, as thieves have damaged copper pipes and stolen aluminum gutters at the church over the past few months.

Now this is not the end of the story. A Detroit woman has found Jesus … in an alley. ‘Stolen 8-Foot Jesus Statue Returned to Church’.

The first thing that one can glean from these stories, is the depth of disrespect for the things of God that our society has digressed to. I can remember as a young boy that churches across the south did not even lock their doors. The church was a safe haven of sorts, whether public services were in process or not.

If the thieves had taken ‘Jesus’ from the church thinking that he was going to provide some type of financial value to them, it is this same spiritual analogy that we find prevalent in the church today. Many in the church today have a non-biblical interest in Christ: is nothing more that what one can get out of him. Consider the man that came to Jesus in Luke 12

“And one of the company said unto him, Master, speak to my brother, that he divide the inheritance with me. And he said unto him, Man, who made me a judge or a divider over you?” Luke 12:13-14

The man that came to Jesus had come to Jesus in confusion. He did not realize that Christ had come to redeem the the sinner and save the lost. We see this same confusion in the church today. Their are a multitude of people who are going to church Sunday after Sunday and don’t realize that Jesus came to atone for sin.

This is a similar thought process in the church today.. ‘got a problem with your finances, job, marriage, family, etc…. Jesus is the answer’. The gospel has become so perverted that the Church thinks that Christ came to take care of every problem that an individual can have excluding the sin issue. The church has found that it is not popular to preach against sin.

It appears that ‘Jesus’ was left in the alley when he was found to be of no value to the thieves.

Once again, the perversion of the gospel has left the church with a house that is built upon the sand, and the faith we see manifested in the church today is not standing in the storms of life.


Comments made by Barry Randolph, the pastor of the church said “It is so crazy,” Randolph said. “It’s been there for so long and was a symbol of hope to a lot of people in this neighborhood.”

The article stated earlier that “the membership of the congregation, which over the years has dwindled from about 350 members to just 50”.

If the believer’s hope is in ‘a Jesus that is hanging on a crucifix’, then once he is taken away, what happens to the believers hope? I liken it to the people of God when Moses was stayed on the mount receiving the commandments of God. The people said to Aaron, “up make us a god that will go before us, for as this Moses, we know not what has become of him”.

This seems to be a vulnerability of those who still look at Jesus Christ as though he is still upon the cross. He is not dead. He is alive. The risen Lord that is seated at the right hand of God, ever interceding for his people.

For the child of God that builds there faith and life upon the word of God, shall find it a firm foundation that is steadfast and sure. The winds and the rain can beat vehemently against the house, yet it will stand.


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  1. Thanks and God Bless

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