Bush Joining The Catholic Church?

George W Bush meets Pope amid claims he might convert to Catholicism


Does this mean there is a difference between the Catholic Church and the Christian Church?

President George W. Bush is at least by profession a Methodist, but in a remarkable display of candor, the United Methodist News Service instead detailed the president-elect’s political differences with the denomination, even pointing out that Mr. Bush’s political views have often been compared to those of a rival denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention.

“Having a United Methodist in office does not mean the president’s policies will reflect those of the church,” said the statement from the United Methodist News Service. Religious Affiliation of U.S. Presidents

The Methodists officially oppose capital punishment and handgun ownership; Mr. Bush supports both. And the list of disagreements goes on: abortion rights, gays in the military, school vouchers, even Social Security policy.

“United Methodists are extremely diverse, and there would be some who would take a great deal of pride [in Mr. Bush’s presidency], and some who would be concerned about some of his stands,” said Bishop Susan W. Hassinger, the church’s top official in New England. Religious Affiliation of U.S. Presidents

It seems from the comments made by Bishop Susan W. Hassinger, that the Methodist may not want to lay claim to our president and she may have wrought a secret deal with the Pope to consider taking President Bush under his wing.

I wonder if Bishop Hassinger sought a deal with the Southern Baptist, and found them to rival?

Mr. Bush’s political views have often been compared to those of a rival denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. Religious Affiliation of U.S. Presidents

  • So does this mean that the Methodist are doctrinally closer to the Catholic Church than the Southern Baptist?
  • Does this mean that President Bush will have to be baptised before joining the Catholic Church?
  • Will it be immersion or sprinkling?
  • Will he carry a Bible to church, or did he ever carry one before?
  • If he does, what translation will it be?
  • What about Communion? Will it be the literal body and blood or just elements purchased with mere money from the coffer?

Man this is looking like serious Doctrinal Culture Shock, or is it? Maybe it is just plain religion.


‘biblical ignorance’ getting to the root of the problem….

The United States is the most religious nation in the developed world, if religiosity is measured by belief in all things supernatural — from God and the Virgin Birth to the humbler workings of angels and demons. Americans are also the most religiously ignorant people in the Western world. Fewer than half of us can identify Genesis as the first book of the Bible, and only one third know that Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount. Religious Literacy By Stephen Prothero


One year ago, I posted an article entitled ‘Biblical Ignorance Flourishes in American Churches’. click on the link below to read the post in its entirety.

Biblical Ignorance Flourishes in American Churches


How much do you value your Bible? For North Korea’s courageous Christians, this is more than a thought-provoking question… it’s a matter of life and death.

“If you get caught carrying a Bible, there is no way to save your life,” explains one North Korean refugee who dared to make the treacherous journey across the border to China. It’s no exaggeration. Those caught with a Bible in North Korea face brutal interrogation, imprisonment, torture—and often, execution.  Source Open Doors-The Church in North Korea

The differences that we see in the church in America and the church in the midst of  persecution in North Korea ought to be perplexing. But for the most part the church in America has very little conviction as to this paramount distinction.

I think this article posted by Michael J Vlach has hit the nail squarely on its head….

Lost In Church: Are Half of Churchgoers Not Saved?
by Michael J Vlach- TheologicalStudies.org

As startling as this idea may appear, recent research indicates it may be a hard reality for many churches in the United States. Researcher George Barna has discovered the disturbing fact that “half of all adults who attend Protestant churches on a typical Sunday morning are not Christian.” He also points out that people who call themselves Christians but are not born again are “a group that constitutes a majority of churchgoers.”


Stands to reason, doesn’t it. If one is not ‘born again’ they do not possess the Spirit of Truth. He is the ONLY one that can give illumination and understanding of God’s word. If HE isn’t there, IT ain’t gonna be there.