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Schoolboys Punished with Detention for Refusing to Kneel in Class and Pray to Allah


The Daily Mail
– Two schoolboys were given detention after refusing to kneel down and ‘pray to Allah’ during a religious education lesson. Parents were outraged that the two boys from year seven (11 to 12-year-olds) were punished for not wanting to take part in the practical demonstration of how Allah is worshipped. They said forcing their children to take part in the exercise at Alsager High School, near Stoke-on-Trent – which included wearing Muslim headgear – was a breach of their human rights.
One parent, Sharon Luinen, said: “This isn’t right, it’s taking things too far.
“I understand that they have to learn about other religions. I can live with that but it is taking it a step too far to be punished because they wouldn’t join in Muslim prayer. “Making them pray to Allah, who isn’t who they worship, is wrong and what got me is that they were told they were being disrespectful. “I don’t want this to look as if I have a problem with the school because I am generally very happy with it.”
Another parent Karen Williams said: “I am absolutely furious my daughter was made to take part in it and I don’t find it acceptable. “I haven’t got a problem with them teaching my child other religions and a small amount of information doesn’t do any harm. “But not only did they have to pray, the teacher had gone into the class and made them watch a short film and then said ‘we are now going out to pray to Allah’. “Then two boys got detention and all the other children missed their refreshment break because of the teacher. “Not only was it forced upon them, my daughter was told off for not doing it right. “They’d never done it before and they were supposed to do it in another language.”
“My child has been forced to pray to Allah in a school lesson.” The grandfather of one of the pupils in the class said: “It’s absolutely disgusting, there’s no other way of putting it. “My daughter and a lot of other mothers are furious about their children being made to kneel on the floor and pray to Islam. If they didn’t do it they were given detention. “I am not racist, I’ve been friendly with an Indian for 30 years. I’ve also been to a Muslim wedding where it was explained to me that alcohol would not be served and I respected that. “But if Muslims were asked to go to church on Sunday and take Holy Communion there would be war.”
Parents said that their children were made to bend down on their knees on prayer mats which the RE teacher had got out of her cupboard and they were also told to wear Islamic headgear during the lesson on Tuesday afternoon. Deputy headmaster Keith Plant said: “It’s difficult to know at the moment whether this was part of the curriculum or not. I am not an RE teacher, I am an English teacher. “At the moment it is our enterprise week and many of our members of staff are away. “The particular member of staff you need to speak to isn’t around. I think that it is a shame that so many parents have got in touch with the Press before coming to me. “I have spoken to the teacher and she has articulately given me her version of events, but that is all I can give you at the moment.”
A statement from Cheshire County Council on behalf of the school read: “The headteacher David Black contacted this authority immediately complaints were received. “Enquiries are being made into the circumstances as a matter of urgency and all parents will be informed accordingly. “Educating children in the beliefs of different faith is part of the diversity curriculum on the basis that knowledge is essential to understanding. “We accept that such teaching is to be conducted with some sense of sensitivity.”


Five pillars of Islam’ taught in public school
Bob Unruh
October 10 2006

Another school has been “teaching” Islam by having students study and learn Muslim prayers and dress as Muslims, and a lawyer who argued a previous dispute over this issue to the U.S. Supreme Court said such methodologies wouldn’t “last 10 seconds” if it were Christianity being taught.

“Would it have been ‘just cultural education’ if students were in simulated baptisms, wearing a crucifix, having taken the name of St. John and with praise banners saying ‘Praise be to Jesus Christ’ on classroom walls?” asked Edward White III, of the Thomas More Law Center.

His comments came after a new protest arose in Nyssa, Ore., where one parent raised objections when the Islamic teachings came to light. The district there, according to Supt. Don Grotting, is teaching a chapter in a history textbook “Journey Across Time” that talks about “how civilization has developed and some of the particular aspects of Islam.”

“We teach out of the book, and there are some supplemental class activities,” he told WND. “The kids do some skits, they could bring a food from the region, you could build a prop that would have depicted (something) maybe during that time period.

“If you wanted to you could dress up (as a Muslim) for extra credit,” he said.

He said students also learned about the climate of the Middle East, the food and everyday activities of Islam, and the geography and the lay of the land.

Still another assignment was to learn the “five pillars” of Islam, study Ramadan and listen to guest speakers including an American Muslim who arrived dressed in her religious costume to talk to the kids about her Quran.

“She relayed to the kids, if you’re a Christian you have your Bible, this is our Quran,” Grotting said.

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Parent Kendalee Garner, however, objected to having her son being taught Islam and also to the time the public school system spends on the subject.

She told WND that her 13-year-old son is being “indoctrinated that Islam is a religion of peace, and being dressed up as a Muslim, being taught prayers, and scriptures out of the Quran.”

“I just don’t understand the ban on Christianity but Islam has free rein,” she said.

She said the guest speakers and skits and reports were wrong, but what set her off was a class in which students in all three social studies classes dressed in traditional Islamic outfits.

“The only reason I knew about it was because my son told me about it,” she said. “They sent him to the library instead of stopping what they were doing. I’m sure people would be outraged if they dressed up as the pope.”

That was White’s point exactly.

If that’s how teaching about religions is done, he said, “then teach all religions in the same way, Christianity, Judaism. Have the kids study Native American religions, do the dance, smoke the pipe. Have the kids dress up as priests and hear confession.”

He said when he suggests that, school managers and even judges get that “panic-stricken” look.

He knows because he argued the same dispute up to the U.S. Supreme Court after complaints of similar teachings in the Byron Union School District in California.

As WND has reported that case was almost a duplicate. Teachers were having students memorize Islamic prayers, wear Islamic dress and learn to behave as a Muslim under the guise of studying history.

Some parents objected and their resulting lawsuit was turned back by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals where the opinion called it “cultural education.”

The U.S. Supreme Court last week declined to intervene, but lawyers note that’s not necessarily an endorsement of the court; it just means the justices will not review the dispute at this point.

White said he actually challenged the 9th Circuit to write its instructions in a detailed opinion, so schools would know exactly what’s required. However, he said the court brushed him off with a three-paragraph ruling that essentially boils down to one district judge saying it’s okay in one school district.

“Why is it okay to teach Islam? Unless there’s an exception in the Establishment Clause, which says you cannot teach religion in schools unless it’s Islam,” he said. “I haven’t seen it.”

Grotting said the course has been taught for several years, and comes mandated by the state under a set of required standards – called Benchmark 3 – that students must reach each year.

Grotting acknowledged to WND that textbooks do “take a slant” on some issues, because publishers “are wanting to sell a textbook that is meeting the needs of the state and federal mandates.”

“I believe we’re not here to promote or advocate either religion or politics,” social studies teacher Jim Casad told the Ontario, Ore., Argus Observer. “However, we do have an obligation to inform students of what is going on in our world today and how history and culture have affected that world.”

In the California case, school officials also blamed the “possible cant” of the textbook and said the Islamic studies were being taught because of state mandates.

“It is imperative that our instruction includes an understanding of and insight into all cultures and a tolerance for the diversity found in the world,” said Peggy Green, the Byron Union School District superintendent, at that time.

A review online of information from the text shows that it teaches Christianity spread because “it gave meaning to peoples’ lives, appealed to their emotions and promised happiness after death.”

Its description also focuses on Christians’ conflicts with Rome (when they were fed to lions), and splits between Christians following Roman teachings and those following the teachings of Constantine.

However, the article praises how the Muslims founded the system for banking, created important centers for learning, government and the arts, how they ran “government, society and business” and made valuable contributions in math, science and the arts.

The text also credits Muslims with inventing algebra and chemistry as well as creating beautiful buildings, citing the Taj Mahal, although the text does not mention that that is a tomb.

There’s also no mention of the Quranic instruction that Muslims must behead infidels, or nonbelievers.

One blogger said Christians should think strategically on such issues.

“Cases like this present Christians with a golden opportunity to introduce elements of religious teaching back into the state curriculum by using the left’s double standard towards Islam against it,” said one commentator. “Now that this case is on the books in the Ninth Circuit as precedent, expect Christian immersion classes to follow.”

For more information on the Five Pillars of Islam, brought to you by the American Policy Roundtable, click here.



malachi’s ministry- Part III ‘the greater condemnation’

Malachi’s Ministry Part III ‘The Greater Condemnation’


My brethren, be not many masters (teachers), knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation. James 3:1

Under the ministry of the Old Testament, God had given the Levite (priesthood) the responsibility of being the spiritual liaison between man and Himself…

For the priest’s lips should keep knowledge, and they should seek the law at his mouth: for he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts”, but due to their lack of spiritual authority and responsibility, “they had departed out of the way; they had caused many to stumble at the law; they had corrupted the covenant of Levi.”  

Herein lies a very important spiritual principle; when the ones who should know and acknowledge God and His word, but don’t fulfill that responsibility, the profanity spreads to others. We can see an example of this in Jeremiah 23:9-11….

In verse [10] we see the land mourneth and the places of the wilderness are dried up, their course is evil and their force is not right…. God has withheld His blessing on the land. Why? – Because the land is full of adulterers…. The people had forsaken God and walked in the lust of their own flesh. Why? – Verse [11] both the prophet and the priest are profane; yea, in my house have I found their wickedness, saith the Lord.

The results are this, when the spiritual foundation of a nation crumbles, it has far reaching affects, the entire nation, both the people and the land suffers. The condition is a digressive one.

When those that are placed in a spiritual leadership role, do not see that spiritual light (TRUTH) is disseminated, the people (church) divert from the straight and narrow way and began to bask in error and are left to satisfy the lust of the flesh.

When the people of God (church) have no spiritual direction (LIGHT) the nation is left to the influences of the spirit of darkness, and

he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth”

When a nation forgets God and turns their back on His Word, He withholds His blessing, and a people and land void of God’s blessing is a nation most miserable and without hope.


So we can see the importance of the spiritual leadership in keeping the ship set upon her spiritual course and the word of God…. that compass. When the church lacks spiritual direction is drifts toward the darkness of the world. Literally the world and its ways become the standard and the church operates accordingly.


“As the world and all of its systems continued to drift further and further into darkness, the church kept her relative distance, and by doing so has drifted further towards the darkness that envelopes the world.. Thus, we have entire protestant denominations being hi-jacked by enemies of the cross.” Pastor Bob Martin – Challenge Ministries

May God send prophets and pastors that hear the “voice of God” and are “bold” to speak the truth of God without wavering.

“We need a baptism of clear seeing. We desperately need seers who can see through the mist–Christian leaders with prophetic vision. Unless they come soon it will be too late for this generation. And if they do come we will no doubt crucify a few of them in the name of our worldly orthodoxy.” —A.W. Tozer