‘tears in a bottle’

Its not just Muslims that persecute Christians …




The video is provided by Release International and is a testimony of the persecution of the Mennonite Six in communist Vietnam.



As a Christian and pastor for 23 years in the West, I am constantly amazed at such unwavering commitment on their part and such condemnation on mine. May God undergird them by His loving Spirit as they stand upon His faithful word.



  1. This is the first time that I have been thoroughly convicted to pray for the Church in Vietnam. Thank you for bringing this to light and I hope that many will join me in prayer. Serious prayer for this part of the body of Christ that is being attacked.

    Love in Christ,

  2. Greetings my brother in Christ. I recall the first visual of the video and how I was brought to tears for such seeming senseless persecution, but each time I have viewed it since it has become apparent to me through the eyes of the Spirit that it is not senseless at all. He is conforming them to the precious image of His Son.

    Thanks for stopping by ‘A Word From Malachi’ Eric, and yes my friend…. let’s keep all of our brothers and sisters that are in the fire of persecution lifted up in prayer. A please as the Spirit calls my name to your recollections, will you kindly keep me lifted up in prayer that I willbe about His word, no matter the cost.

    In kindred spirit.

  3. Yes, I shall pray for boldness for these persecuted saints and yourself. (The 7th part of the armour of God.)

    Having His peace in times of trouble, we are able to come out from a beating or imprisonment and not fear speak in the precious name of Jesus, all the things that the Lord our God has done, thought His Son. We are not ashamed of the name of Jesus!

    On the flip side of that coin, we aught to pray for wisdom to know when to speak and when to keep silent. As even our Lord was as a lamb unto the slaughter, as a sheep before his shearers is dumb. For this to happen we need to spend more time in His presense and less time in the pulpit, so that the Sword of the Spirit find hearts (and tongues) that are willing to only say what the Lord has said.


  4. Dear Sir,

    The title of this article is right on the spot, taken obviously from Psalms 56. I recently discovered a four part series by Pastor Noel Cromhout of Calvary Tabernacle in Schenektady titled, “Keeping a Godward focus in Times of Trouble”, it is certainly one that could be preached to these believers in a time of great trouble. Is it possible that you are able to forward the links to them.

    links: (Parts 1-3) http://groundlevelfaith.com/2008/04/
    (Part 4) http://groundlevelfaith.com/2008/05/

    Fondly in Christ,

  5. Oh my…. Pastor Noel Cromhout’s message is ‘spot on’. Oh how I wish I could forward these links to our brothers and sisters that are standing in the midst of persecution. Let’s agree together brother, that the sovereign God we trust will lead those to this link that they may find the same solace that we have found in these tender yet mighty words of truth.

    Thank you so much Eric for pointing our hearts and minds to the direction of God’s faithful word though the ministry of Pastor Noel and Calvary Tabernacle.

    Pray for our brothers and sisters.

    In kindred spirit……….malachi

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