‘the gift that keeps on giving’

PROJECT PEARL: The 1-Million Smuggled Bibles that Changed China by Brother David with Paul Hattaway

“On 18 June 1981, a huge barge containing one million Chinese Bibles slipped through Communist border patrols and anchored off a beach in south China. Two hours later its precious cargo had been successfully delivered into the hands of Chinese Christians who had been starved of access to God’s Word since the 1950s. PROJECT PEARL is the remarkable story of this bold and courageous project, which was led by Brother David. Along with 19 crew members, he was willing to risk his life to bring the Word of God to the hungry Chinese.”

Praise God for the men and women that risk their very life to see that the people of God can possess the written word of God!


As I have followed the persecuted church, and with that the scarcity of God’s word we find a hunger that is liken to no other desire amidst mans flesh. We hear testimonies of believers that travel for days and miles in hope that they may return home with a copy of God most Holy word. Yet this same book, for the most part, is taken for granted by the church in America.

In the story of Sister Ding below, we see a believer that was hungry for the word of God, and a people (the church) that shared this same desire for the word of God. What has happened to the church in America, that it has no desire to sit down with brothers and sisters in an intimate spirit of fellowship to feed upon the unadulterated word of God?

Sister Ding had the source of spiritual nourishment, and as a newborn babe they ‘desired the sincere milk of the word that they may grow thereby’… and they did. Oh, how I would to God that there was that same intimate desire for His precious word among the seeming believers in America.

The blessing in the story of Sister Ding is that she did not hoard the precious gift God had entrusted to her, but unselfishly shared this most precious word with her brothers and sisters. I have found this is why God gives us His word…. it is to be shared.

After being a Christian for 6 years, Sister Ding received her first Bible. She began to read it and study it diligently. At that time many people started coming to her home in great need of help and she soon found herself ministering, praying and casting out demons. The Lord led her and her husband, who was a simple farmer to start their own home Church. 

Initially she had to share her own Bible with the whole congregation. They would pass it from one home to the other and Sister Ding would make sure she got it back in time to prepare her Sunday sermons. The Brothers and Sisters rapidly grew in the things of God and many leaders were raised up. Today the Church is so large that for security purposes it had to be divided in different cell groups.

The Holy Spirit works through the Bible both inside and outside the church. There is still a long, long way to go before the Chinese  church attains maturity but there is no doubt that Chinese Christians hunger and thirst for the Word of God. ”                       ……. Lo Chen-fang

“Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst for righteousness, they shall be filled.” Believers in China are hungry for God’s word. God has faithfully sent His word to His people in China. Those who receive this precious gift make it a point to share it with others……..

The Word of God is the ‘gift that keeps on giving’.

Neither have I gone back from the commandment of his lips; I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.  Job 23:12


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