‘the danger of preaching’


A Sermon That Has Angered Many – Video by Paul Washer

Made available by Heart Cry Missionary Society


Scripture: Matthew 7:13-27

Description: This sermon cuts deep into the flesh of religion. A spirit of salt is cast upon the church doctrine of this day. Paul Washer is not concerned about the self esteem of the youth that are attending our churches across America today or those who are corrupting the gospel that is being propagated by the same church. If you have sensitive religious feelings, you might do well find another post to check out and not watch this video.

My friend, in the epistle of James, the word of God tells us that there is a serious responsibility of being a masters (teacher), knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation. It spiritually behooves a preacher of the gospel to insure he is preaching the truth for he most assuredly will be held responsible. With the responsibility placed upon the preacher, there is also a responsibility to those who hear the message. Listen with great care my friend. If you are a parent, please allow your children to listen as you sit there with them.