‘the snakes in ones head’

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. (AP) – “I kill for God. I listen to God,” a man accused of a northwest Washington shooting rampage said Friday at a hearing where six charges of first-degree murder and four of first-degree assault were filed against him.

Isaac Zamora made the chilling comment twice at the brief hearing in Skagit County District Court while investigators wrapped up their work at eight crime scenes. The 28-year-old is being held on $5 million bail in the wake of Tuesday’s rampage, which left six people dead and four injured. http://www.newsvine.com

When we think of ‘killing in God’s name’, it is generally associated with the radical Islam front, where one finds no problem killing innocent people in the name of Allah, or some other religious extremismn it really doesn’t matter what banner they fly, but the comments (statement of defense) made by Isaac Zamora are not really all that uncommon at all. We have heard this seeming excuse on a number of occasions.


In July 1999, Matthew Williams and his brother, Tyler, murdered a gay couple, Gary Matson and Winfield Mowder, in their home near Sacramento, California. Speaking to his mother from the Shasta County jail, Matthew explained his actions in this way: “I had to obey God’s law rather than man’s law,” he said. “I didn’t want to do this. I felt I was supposed to. I have followed a higher law… I just plan to defend myself from the Scriptures.”


On September 22, 2000, a 55-year-old man named Ronald E. Gay, angry for being teased about his last name, entered the Back Street Café in Roanoke, Virginia, a gathering place for lesbians and gays just a few miles from Lynchburg. Confident that God’s Word supported his tragic plan of action, Mr. Gay shouted, “I am a Christian soldier, working for my Lord.” Claiming that “Jesus does not want these people in his heaven,” he shot seven innocent gay and lesbian people.


June 2004, FREEHOLD, N.J. ― A man who said God told him to kill and dismember his grandmother and his ex-girlfriend was convicted Tuesday of murder.  Rosario “Russell” Miraglia had testified that he was carrying out an order from God by killing his grandmother, Julia Miraglia, 88, and his ex-girlfriend, Leigh Martinez, 31, the mother of his young son, in June 2004. Both women were decapitated and their hands and feet severed.

He was driving from Newark to Asbury Park, listening to religious tapes, when “a revelation came to me,” he testified. “The communication told me to go to the house and kill the two people,” Miraglia testified. “I’m like, “Dude, I’m not going to kill these people. That’s a negative. No shot.” But he changed his mind shortly afterward, and killed them in their Ocean Township home. “God told me to do it,” Miraglia testified. “I just know that day that God told me to kill those two people.”


November 2004, “Chet” Badowski Jr., 47, and Christine Badowski, 46, who were killed after returning from a mission trip to Haiti. Investigators found their dismembered bodies in a locked bedroom when they went to their home to check on them after they failed to show up for work. Philip Badowski, a college student who confessed to shooting his parents and then breaking a chain saw trying to cut up their bodies said, “God told me to” in a interview with police.


April 2004, A TEXAS woman, Deanna Laney, who stoned two of her children to death and seriously injured a third on Mother’s Day last year told psychiatrists she was driven to kill by a message from God and that she was sure they would rise again from the dead.  “I felt like I obeyed God and I believe there will be good out of this,” she explained in the interview, looking wide-eyed and sometimes smiling. “I feel like he will reveal his power and they will be raised up. They will become alive again.”


November 2006 a Kitimat man charged with killing his teenage daughter. Sources have told CBC News that Blair Donnelly’s lawyer will argue his client is not criminally responsible of second-degree murder because of his mental state.

In a statement of fact agreed to by the defense and the prosecution, the Terrace court heard that Blair Donnelly was under a lot of stress at the time, and believed God wished him to kill both his wife and daughter. The father was found praying outside a local church with blood on his hands.


On June 20, 2001, Andrea Yates filled the tub with water and beginning with Paul, she systematically drowned the three youngest boys, then placed them on her bed and covered them. Mary was left floating in the tub. The last child alive was the first born, seven-year-old Noah. He asked his mother what was wrong with Mary, then turned and ran away. Andrea caught up with him and as he screamed, she dragged him and forced him into the tub next to Mary’s floating body. He fought desperately, coming up for air twice, but Andrea held him down until he was dead. Leaving Noah in the tub, she brought Mary to the bed and laid her in the arms of her brothers.

Yates’ attorneys never disputed that she drowned 6-month-old Mary, 2-year-old Luke, 3-year-old Paul, 5-year-old John and 7-year-old Noah in their Houston-area home in June 2001. But they said she suffered from severe postpartum psychosis and, in a delusional state, believed Satan was inside her and was trying to save them from hell.


What we need to understand, is that this calling is not of God, but the God impersonator.  We learn from the scriptures that Satan is a god, the god of this world, and desires nothing less than to set his throne above the True and Living God. He is a liar, murder, and desires nothing less than to destroy life. Therefore Andrea Yates seems to have been the closest on identifying this culprit, it is the god of this world.

When we see the killing of innocent people, no matter what the setting, rest assured the individual is doing the lust of their father, the devil. Satan was personified in the Garden of Eden as ‘the serpent’ and so when he convinces the individual to bring forth such death & destruction, it is evidence that he is stirring the ‘snakes in ones head’.



  1. Where did you get that picture ?

    Saul of Tarsus had snakes in his head, but then he looked up at the snake on the pole and was healed.


  2. Yes Brother Eric;

    Saul of Tarsus was not the only one with snakes in the head, and yes thank God for that ‘Brazen Serpent’ that set aside His glory that He might taste death for all of humanity.

    I’m sure at both our ages we remember the famed Flip Wilson… “the devil made me do it”. It’s all about the snakes. Eh?

    Praise the Lord for His mercy and long-suffering in calling a multitude through Yeshua ha Massiach…. the snake killer!

    Thanks for stopping by ‘A Word From Malachi’ and if you would like to post an article, we would love to post it so every one can read.

    Peace my friend.

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