‘the cost of discipleship, at least in Orissa…’

The early Christians were spiritual revolutionaries. In a society that worshiped idols and called those who refused “atheists,” Christians were a radical force that threatened Rome’s continuity. They went against the majority rule and so became a perceived threat to the Roman authority. They were hated so much that their deaths were not only numerous, but they were carried out with horrendous flair. Voice Of the Martyrs

I have found that when the Christian today chooses to walk so close to their Lord that the world has trouble distinguishing the difference in the believer and their Savior, that this vehement persecution of old exist today, and its vengeance is directed to His body for they cannot lay hold to Him.

Consider the Body of Christ in Orissa and please keep them lifted up in prayer to our faithful Lord.

Pray for us: for we trust we have a good conscience, in all things willing to live honestly. Hebrews 13:18


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