‘guilty but set free’

vom’s – extreme devotion posted 09.29.2008

Nikolai Khamara was arrested for robbery and imprisoned for ten years. Khamara watched the Christians and wondered what kind of beings they were. They were men, but they would show joy despite their suffering and would sing in very dark hours. When they had a piece of bread, they shared it with someone who had none. Their faces would shine as they spoke to someone whom Khamara could not see.

    One day two Christians sat down with Khamara and asked him about his story. Khamara told them his sad tale and finished by saying, “I am a lost man.”
    One of the Christians, with a smile, asked Khamara, “If somebody loses a gold ring, what is the value of that gold ring when it is lost?”
    “What a foolish question! A gold ring is a gold ring. You have lost it, but somebody else will have it.”
    “A very good answer,” said the Christian. “Now tell me, what is the value of a lost man? A lost man, even a thief, an adulterer, or a murderer, has the whole value of a man. He is of such value that the Son of God forsook heaven for him and died on the cross to save him.”
    The Christian said to the robber, “You may have been lost, but God’s love can find you.” Hearing this, Khamara gave his life to Christ.

How is value measured? Usually by a person’s investment of time, money, or emotion. That is, how a person treats a possession, an activity, or even a relationship reveals how much it is valued by that person. Consider, for example, the difference in the treatment of old work clothes and a new suit. Or the contrast between the care for a paper cup and a crystal goblet. And when a valued possession is lost or a loved one injured, oh the tears that are shed. So, how valued are people . . . are you? As the Christian told Khamara, so valuable that Jesus left heaven and died on a cross for his lost and rebellious creatures. God loves them that much. You are loved; you are valuable. Rejoice and spread this Good News to the other “loved ones” near you.


Nikolai Khamara is not unlike any man or woman that is without Jesus Christ. For the purpose of analogy, my friend, we are not unlike Barabbas that was released and set free while Christ took his place on that cruel Roman cross. Barabbas was a insurrectionist, murder and robber.

  • My friend if you have not trusted in Christ you are guilty of the grossest rebellion against God. God’s word has told us that our sin has separated us from Him if we choose to remain in that condition, we will die in a rebellious state, and that without Christ.
  • Christ died for the sin of all His creation, if we reject so great a salvation we are therefore guilty of the blood of His precious son.
  • As the creation of God, He is worthy to receive honor and glory. If we do not give him such, with every breath in your lung and beat in your heart your rob God from all the honor and Glory that He, and He alone is due.

In essence we all are like Barabbas my friend, yet Christ took our place.


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