‘courage is the foundation upon which the gospel is propagated’

Courage is one of those things people don’t know they have until a situation requires it. At the crucial moment when it is needed, they either have it or they don’t. The same can be said of character—certain situations will definitively reveal whether we have it or we don’t. As a result, character and courage are two things that are difficult to fake. Fortunately, Jesus Christ gives us irrevocable courage and unquestionable character for the times we need it most. We may put on a brave front, but only Jesus can make us courageous. We may have a sterling public reputation, but only Jesus can give us character for those times when no one is looking. Where do you see character and courage at work in your life? vom- extreme devotion 10/4/2008

The story below was posted in the daily newsletter Extreme Devotion put out by Voice of the Martyrs.


Communists tell North Korean children that they will suffer a horrific fate if they are ever caught in China. But the children also know that if they are fortunate enough to escape, they should look for a building with the shape of a cross on it to find help. Two North Korean children who managed to arrive at a Chinese church relayed their stories to the pastor.

    “My name is Cheng Lee. My sister and I watched our parents starve to death. We managed to walk across the Yalu River while it was still frozen. Once on the other side, my older sister said, ‘You stay here. I have to go on a little farther by myself.’ She never returned.” Cheng is only six.
    Hong Jun, an eleven-year-old boy, said, “I want to return to North Korea and tell others about Christ.” Then he cried as he sang:

Oh, Lord, give us the voice of the gospel,
For our beloved brothers the Lord so loved before.
Where are all these gone? The Lord is looking upon them.
Oh, Lord, send us to them, to our beloved Korean brothers,
Oh, Lord, send us to them, to our beloved Korean brothers.
Wherever they are, let them bloom as flowers.

    A few months later, Hong Jun was kidnapped from the village and forcibly returned to North Korea. Perhaps he is witnessing to his captors even now.


Pray for Hong Jun and others in the fire of persecution for the cause of Christ “for the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil”.


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