‘much more than a Chinese proverb’ 更多比中国谚语

Where there is no cross, there is no crown.

This lesson cannot be learned from books, and men do not usually taste this sweetness. This rich life does not exist in a comfortable environment. If the spices are not refined to become oil, the fragrance of the perfume cannot flow forth; and if the grapes are not crushed in the vat, they will not become wine.



vom-extreme devotion December 4, 2008




那里没有十字架,没有冠。 这个教训不可能是博学的从书,并且人通常不品尝这甜。 这富有的生活在一个舒适的环境里不存在。 如果香料没有被提炼成为油,香水的芬芳不可能流动; 并且,如果葡萄在大桶没有被击碎,他们不会成为酒。 从中国基督徒



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