‘the day will come’

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The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law, J.A.I.L., is a single-issue national grassroots organization designed to end the rampant and pervasive judicial corruption in the legal system of the United States. This e-Group (JAIL4Judges.org) provides articles on judicial misconduct, and is not a discussion group. Posts are those of Ron Branson. 

This poem was sent out by JAIL4Judges on 28Dec08.


By Barbie (Administrator & Author of Poem)

National J.A.I.L. Associate Commander-In-Chief


P.O. Box 207, No.Hwd., CA. 91603

Forwarded by Ron Branson




In these days of dark distress

I come to you, I must confess..

I come to you with outstretched hand

To tell you of that Promised Land!

I come to tell you of my Lord

How you can trust Him by His Word.

Now, you may scoff and you may shrink

Away from Truth– but on the brink

You’ll find a hell, so vile and cruel

Awaiting every scoffing fool!

“Take your religion, leave it at home

Take your contentions from which I’ll roam.

Don’t bother me! I’m doing fine..

Mind your own business and I’ll mind mine!”

Sounds all familiar from lashing tongue

Self-righteous claims, all said and done.

Safe and secure, you feel with your lot

With no need of “junk” the Christians have got!

Take heed when you bolster your standing, so tall

Lest while you are boasting, you have a great fall.

All of your riches will go up in smoke

You’ll have nothing left– not a hat nor a cloak.

The day will come when all that I’ve said

Will come to pass, and you will dread

The fiery pit, the painful seethe

With gnawing tongue and gnashing teeth!

O, this may sound to you remote

A thought on which you will not dote.

These things, you feel, cannot be true

And certainly– won’t happen to you!!

O foolish heart and haughty pride

Don’t you know, you’ll slip and slide?

You’ll tumble from your lofty perch

Come crashing down, without a search!

Your “goodness” then will come to naught

Because the Saviour was not sought.

I come to you and humbly plead

Open your eyes and see all your need

Open your heart to the Saviour’s call

And let Him come in, once and for all!

The time is short, ’twill soon be spent

Then nothing you do, or ever had meant

Will free you from guilt or sorrowful shame

From eternal hell and tortuous maim!

Don’t scoff and reject these words, I implore!

Don’t run from the Truth and receive it no more..

The day will come when sneering will cease

And judgment on all will have its release

On those who refused to open their eyes

Rejecting the Truth, but accepting lies!

On those who did turn away from our pleas

To look upon Christ and fall on their knees.

The day will come, and soon enough

When all these things you’ll not rebuff.

You’ll not refuse to see the Light

For it will be so shining bright

On every eye and trembling lip

That mocked Him so with every quip.

The day will come– before you know

When I can say:



Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen. Revelations 1:7

Thoughts worthy to ponder my friend.


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