Woe unto America


This post is a letter that I receive from Brother Brad Reiches- God Thoughts Wired…

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“It’s Official…USA No Longer a ‘Christian Nation'”


“We are a nation of
Christians and Muslems…”

-President Barak Obama, Inaugural Address, January 20, 2009

IT’S OFFICIAL!  According to the new president of the United States, America is now,

“One nation, under gods…
in gods we trust.”

Lest you question the correctness of my interpretation of President Obama’s inaugural address, please study and see for yourself, the resources that I have provided for you below.  President Obama has clearly declared in other venues,

“Whatever we once were,
we are no longer
a Christian nation…”

Barak Obama

We are now a fundamentally different nation than we were under former President Abraham Lincoln who rightly warned,

‘It is the duty of nations,
as well as of men,

to own their dependence
upon the overruling

power of God…and to recognize
the sublime truth

announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history,
that those nations only
are blessed whose
God is the Lord.”

(bold and underline mine)

Please understand what this means practically.  The Bible clearly teaches,

“Blessed is the nation
whose God is the Lord.”

Psalm 33:12

Lest there be any more doubt among sincere seekers of truth,

-the United States of America is no longer blessed by God.*

-the United States of America is currently cursed of God.*

And my heart breaks to tell you that, as of this moment, according to the Bible…

The President of the United States of America is cursed of the Lord (see Jeremiah 17:5).

As you will study (see below), President Obama admonishes us to “Let’s read our Bibles now…”

Unfortunately President Obama…


*see Galatians 3:10; Jeremiah 17:5; Proverbs 14:34; 16:12; 20:28; 25:5

For further Study click on:

President Obama mocks Sermon on the Mount

President Obama says “We are no longer a Christian Nation…”

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Pray God will undergird His Church in America and that we will stand upon His unadulterated word as the day draws near.



  1. I wonder if this is the road to Armageddon ?

    • Greetings Eric….not only my exact sentiments, but I have have very strong convictions that the door has already been opened unto these later days. This road you speak of will most assuredly consummate itself in this awful battle. A man is left to nothing but the mercy of God found in His Christ… Yeshua ha Massiach.

      Thanks for the link to http://vishalmangalwadi.blogspot.com/2009/01/obama-change-and-bible.html Since my study of the scriptures I have always believed that the heart of the king is in the had of the Lord and that He turneth it whither soever he chooses Prov21:1 and that the Lord has made all things for himself; yea even the wicked for the day of evil Prov16:4.

      When one considers that God even made evil, to do His own business… think on satan and his devices.


    • There is a way that seemeth right unto a man (nation), broapocalypse, but this way is a road that leads to destruction.

      The straight and narrow way leads to eternal life in Yeshua ha Massiach. Sweetly Lord have we heard thee calling, come follow me….


  2. Hi brother. The hour is so very late, and yet the church is almost as asleep as the world which lies in darkness. May every saint who loves the Lord Jesus draw close to him and not be taken away by the myriad of deceptions that are unfolding before us.

    Have a blessed weekend in Jesus.


    • Greetings in the lovely name of Jesus Tim. Thanks for stopping by ‘A Word From Malachi’ and for taking the time not only to read ‘Woe Unto America’, but to comment. Not sure if you have ever heard of Brother Brad and his ministry GodThoughtsWired- Morage, CA, but he keeps a clear biblical message before his readers. A subscription to his God Thoughts Wired will be a rich blessing.

      Yes, the hour is late and right you are that the church, at least in America, is in the midst of a gross spiritual stupor. It is as though the church in America is drunk, but not with wine; they stagger, but not with strong drink. God has poured out a spirit of deep sleep… consider Isa29.

      Like Brother Eric’s comments the strong delusion that we are experiencing in our day shall lead the world into a time tribulation liken to nothing we have seen before, and to those who wait for His blessed appearce, eternal life with this Blessed Jesus that we follow. There truly is victory in Jesus.


  3. […] WOE UNTO AMERICA […]

  4. Methinks, that this ‘stupor’…has been around for very long time…it started with Cain…when he embraced religion, …in our modern age, it is popular to be part of a religion, to be very religious…even Christian…as in ‘Christian Religion’, but what is that ? So many hope that if they do enough good deeds, and try to keep the royal commandment, ..that will somehow be good enough…that frame of mind, or heart, is blind to the truth, and consoles itself….but like Cain, there will come a time when the savour of our lives is tasted by God, and then will come true what is said, …you were lukewarm and so I spat you out of my mouth. In another light, if Paul considered everything but the truth of the gospel was palatable, then imagine what a vile taste it is in the mouth, and nostrils of God, is this thing called, ”the Christian Religion”

  5. Yes Eric, your depth of God’s word would drown many in the church in this day we are living. Religion is a forminable foe of Yeshua ha Massiach as it was in the day He sent forth His disciples to proclaim that the Kingdom Heaven was at hand.

    It is not hard to find a man that is interested in religion but to allow the King of Kings to rule and reign in a heart that is bent on sin is quite a different matter my friend. For until a man is born again, darkness permeates the throne of man’s flesh… for men love darkness rather than light, for man’s deeds are evil and run contrary to His will and word.

    So if man feels that he can do a little something that might please God, he will run to the deed, only to elevate himself to a place of favor with God, at least in his own eyes. If the man is NOT born again, he shall only hear those fatal words…..

    “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

    I have found that it is useless for the preacher to tell the man that one must find duty to the law that he himself can not keep. Therefore the message of The Word, The Spirit and Grace is going to place this man in a walk that his Lord will favor.

    if Paul considered everything but the truth of the gospel was palatable, then imagine what a vile taste it is in the mouth, and nostrils of God, is this thing called, ”the Christian Religion”

    I wonder Eric, if our Lord were to walk this sod, what spirit He would find in the church today? Religion was the vocal opposition at His first appearing and I have strong conviction, that it will be in that same position when He returns.

    Thanks for the strong meat my brother.

  6. ‘I wonder Eric, if our Lord were to walk this sod, what spirit He would find in the church today?’

    It is the spirit of Nicodemus.

  7. After listening to some of the videos that I hadn’t heard before, I was struck with the question whiich is : IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE SEED OF THE COMING ONE WORLD RELIGION?

    Is it just me, Brother, or is there a dark undercurrent which is leaning to intolerance of the truth of Christianity with the replacement of a universal accept-all religion? No one wants to be told what is right or what is wrong. Everyone is to just accept as good all religions and practices!
    And they want God to stay out of religion!!! Man will decide what is right.

    May God forgive us all!



    • Concerning the ‘One World Religion” I think you are correct, and this religion will vehemently oppose God, His Word and His Christ and shall persecute His body… and they that do such things will think that they do God’s service.

      This dark undercurrent is not only manifesting intolerance of the truth but is putting into place rules and laws that shall suppress the truth in unrighteousness. Concerning the telling of what is right and what is wrong… we are living in a day in which that which is wrong is considered right, that which is light is made dark and bitter for sweet is palatable to many, even in the church.

      May God have mercy on us. Pray for strength and mercy as we serve Him in truth.
      Blessing Marianne

  8. The founding fathers clearly didn’t intend the United States to be a strictly Christian nation, so I don’t know what you’re all freaking out about. No one is saying you can’t keep being Christian as you always have. Someone is just finally recognizing that not all of us are or want to be, and that the principles upon which the country was founded protect OUR freedom to make that choice as well as yours. We were always (on paper at least) a nation of people granted the right and the freedom to practice or not practice as we see fit without fear of persecution. Nothing is changing for you guys at all, unless you were under the impression that Christianity was, or should have been, the official religion (in which case you’re living in the wrong country as per my initial statement. The founding fathers specifically and carefully guarded against the establishment of an official national religion when they drafted the Constitution).

    Again, nothing has changed for any of you. You have the same rights you did before, and so do the rest of us. It’s just that someone isn’t actively trying to deny the REST OF US the legitimacy of our beliefs or lack thereof anymore. Can that REALLY be what’s got you all up in arms? Because that’s not YOU being oppressed, it’s us.

    Are you advocating oppression as long as it’s the oppression of someone other than you? Surely that isn’t a Christian attitude, is it?

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