‘the scream that only God can hear’

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ABORTION SHOCK: Baby Born Alive Then Thrown Out…….

Updated: 02/06/09 12:50 PM- BuffaloNews.com

Fla. doctor loses license after botched abortion


Associated Press Writer


The Board of Medicine has revoked the license of a Florida doctor accused of medical malpractice in a botched abortion case in which a live baby was delivered, but ended up dead in a cardboard box.

The board on Friday found Dr. Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique in violation of Florida statutes by committing medical malpractice, delegating responsibility to unlicensed personnel, and failing to keep an accurate medical record. Renelique and his attorney declined to comment after the hearing.

The Department of Health said Renelique was scheduled to perform an abortion on a teenager who was 23 weeks pregnant in 2006. Sycloria Williams had been given drugs in advance to dilate her cervix.

According to the complaint, she gave birth at a Hialeah clinic after waiting hours for Renelique to arrive. The complaint said one of the clinic owners put the baby in a bag that was thrown away.

Police found the infant’s decomposing remains a week later.

A medical examiner determined the cause of death was extreme prematurity, the complaint states.

At Friday’s hearing, Renelique told the board of his life-long quest to be a doctor. He said there are generations of physicians in his family, and that he decided to follow the same path after seeing his father treat patients.

Renelique described saving a woman’s life during the second year of his medical residency in Haiti. He later left his home country to work and train in the United States. It was never his intention to do abortions, he said.

“That was not part of my goals when I came to Florida,” he said. “But I had to do it to survive.”

During the board’s questioning, Dr. Elizabeth D. Tucker, an obstetrician-gynecologist from Pensacola, asked Renelique about three different types of medical forceps. Renelique replied that he possessed each of the instruments.

After each question, Tucker also held up a metal instrument, different from the one she had named and inquired about. One of the tools was a metal rod with an arrow attached at the tip.

Tucker asked Renelique if he had that. He replied that he did.

“For the record, these are from my antique collection,” she said later. “We don’t use these in terminations.”

Renelique’s attorney, Joseph Harrison, later requested that his client view the instruments more closely, which the board allowed. Renelique said he had never seen or used the spear in his life.

Renelique said he had advised the patient to come in early as a precaution, and that when he was en route to the clinic, he was called to tend to another patient having an emergency.

He said the clinic staff members didn’t tell him about the delivery when he arrived.

Harrison said Renelique expected the board to uphold the current restriction on his license, which prohibits him from performing abortions unless another physician is present. The Department of Health recommended that his license be suspended. But the board decided to revoke it instead which means he will not be able to practice medicine in Florida.

No criminal charges have been filed in the case, but the state attorney’s office is investigating.


`Cursed is anyone who kills another person in secret.’ And all the people will reply, `Amen.’

`Cursed is anyone who accepts payment to kill an innocent person.’ And all the people will reply, `Amen.’

Sometimes I receive letters telling me that even though they do not condone abortion that they would prefer that I not post the pictures of these murdered babies as they find them offensive.

Please allow me to clarify, it is not the pictures that are offending, it is the face to face reality of our nation’s sin. It is said, that a picture is worth a thousand words and the feeling that you are experiencing, if you are offended, is the conviction of God’s Spirit… and that a spirit of condemnation. As a nation we must repent of this vile sin and petition God for mercy and forgiveness.



  1. This very intense blog, has fired me up to re-introduce my earlier blog about ABORTION. I know there consideration are horrific, but it is war; and the unborn are unable to defend themselves. As Phil Keaggy sings, ‘helpless and half abandoned’…’who will speak out for the little ones’. ? Thanks for your commitment to reporting on this.

  2. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you” says in the Lord In Jeremiah 1:5. These murdered children are not known by the world, but they are well known to God!

    Lord, help us to repent and turn this nation from the evil practice of condoning abortion!


  3. Yes Eric this is a very intense post. It is a very intense and egregious sin, killing innocent children that has no justification for continuation except for the fact that we have leadership that feel that they know more than God even though He has clearly given direction from His word.

    It is a society that is doing the lust of their father, the devil; he was a murder from the beginning and continues to take the life of children as it was in the days of Moelech and Chimosh and that the shedding of innocent blood while a nation condones it.

    Marianne, you are correct we cannot even begin to imagine every precious life that has been ended, but God is fully aware. I was reading of the reformation of Judah when Josiah became king in Judah and found the word of God (2 Kings 23).

    He instructed Hilkiah the high priest to instruct the priest of the second order and keepers of the door to bring forth out of the temple of the Lord al the vessels that were made for Baal, and for the grove and all the host of heaven and had the burnt without Jerusalem.

    He also out the idolatrous priest whom the kings of Judah had ordained that had burnt incense in the high places and that burned incense unto Baal, to the sun, and to the moon and to the planets and the whole host of heaven.

    The one other interesting thing that he did as had the grove removed from the house of the Lord and burned at the brook of Kidron and stamped it into a small powder and had it cast upon the graves of the children of the people.

    This seems like a strange thing that God would instruct them to take the powder from all of their sin and to scatter it over the graves of not just of the children but specific children. In the synoptic account found in 2 Chronicles 34, we find out who these children were…..

    2 Chronicles 34:4
    And they brake down the altars of Baalim in his presence; and the images, that were on high above them, he cut down; and the groves, and the carved images, and the molten images, he brake in pieces, and made dust of them, and strowed it upon the graves of them that had sacrificed unto them.

    We will soon see the burning of our sin as it is tried by the Word of God and like the sin of Judah it shall be crushed into a fine powder and strewn amidst those innocent souls killed by abortion.

    Thank the both of you for reading and continue to pray that we, both in America and in the UK will repent of this grievous sin, and that God will have mercy on our rebellious spirit towards the gift that He has given to all of humanity…. LIFE.


  4. Brother Malachi, that is a powerful prophetic prophecy for us right now. I never saw those Scriptures in that light before. God will not be held back much longer…………..

  5. Amen. I pray that He will under gird us in His judgement.


  6. God bless brother! Even though the picture is a hard one to take in – good! People need to wake up! Unfortunately without the presence and new birth through Christ Jesus – wake up will not and cannot happen. Brothers and sisters in Christ – preach the word, be ready in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4:2). For only the Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation (Romans 1:16). We have nothing else – We need nothing else!

    God bless

  7. Abortions are bad!
    If you have one then you are just as
    bad as a murderer.
    But worse, to your own child.
    So abortions should not be a choice for women.
    If you don’t want a baby then keep your legs closed.

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