‘out of darkness into His marvelous light’

The above photograph is an infrared picture taken by satellite at night of North and South Korea. The illumination in the photo is evidence that South Korea is a free and vibrant society while the lack of the availability of electricity in North Korea is evidence that the North Korean government literally keeps its citizens not only in the dark, but under the strong arm of oppression and persecution.

The satellite photo tells the rest of the world that the people of North Korea are literally isolated with little or no contact with the outside world. This is not by coincidence for satellite pictures taken in the day show prison camps the size of large cities.

We have been giving thoughts to ‘the suppression of light’…

‘suppression of light brings forth utter darkness’

‘the suppression of light continued’

… and if you are a Christian, the worst place to live in the world is North Korea, according to Open Doors’ 2008 World Watch List released 04-feb08.

Below is an article that was posted this past week about a former propaganda officer from North Korea that is now born again and shedding forth the glorious light of the Gospel of Christ. He has been literally and spiritually called out of darkness into the marvelous light. Pray him Godspeed as he carries the precious light of this gospel.


Former North Korean propoganda officer now spreading the Gospel

by Charles Boyd

Posted: Friday, March 20, 2009, 11:00 (GMT)

A former propaganda officer for the North Korean army who defected from the secretive state is now working to spread the Gospel amongst his oppressed countrymen.

Kim Sung Min will be speaking about his defection at a banquet on 2 April organised by the Colorado-based ministry Seoul USA. He will also share his hope in the new Underground University, a group which has been set up to serve the severely persecuted church in North Korea.

Kim was once a staunch socialist but became disillusioned with the communist regime because of the lack of freedom and opportunity that he saw in the country. He was arrested after defecting but managed to escape and is now committed to spreading the Gospel in North Korea.

H S Foley, Executive Director of Seoul USA, said, “Mr Kim’s eyes were opened to the modern-day Holocaust that was going on around him in North Korea, where Christianity is illegal and even failing to keep a portrait of Kim Jong-Il clean can mean being sent to a political prison camp.

“Like thousands of other North Koreans, he defected to China. But his newfound Christian faith compelled him to spread that message of hope to his fellow North Koreans. So, he became a prominent freedom fighter and advocate for religious freedom for North Korea.”

Kim was the founder of Free North Korean Radio and is now the Dean of the Underground University in Seoul, South Korea. The university is a joint project of Seoul USA and The Voice of the Martyrs-Canada and helps to train North Koreans to return to their country so that they can help grow the church there.

Foley said of the 2 April event, “This banquet is a unique opportunity for the people of Colorado to hear the life-changing story of Mr Kim, learn about the persecution of North Korean Christians, and get involved in a radical underground movement designed to change North Korea from the inside out.” Source: ChristianityToday


Please continue to pray for all of our brothers and sisters in North Korea as well as all of Asia as they stand upon the gospel of Christ. I pray that they will read this and realize that we are praying for them.


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