‘esteeming the word’s of His mouth more than necessary food’

    Photo: timesonline.co.uk

Chinese professor Bob Fu and his wife held secret Bible studies in remote villages. The inhabitants’ hunger for God’s Word never ceased to amaze him.

    One memorable trip began with a twelve hour bus ride on which a church leader stood in front of the broken window for hours to keep the rain out so that Fu could rest. The next night, they drove a small van on rough, muddy roads until the van got stuck; then they drove a tractor for hours in the pouring rain until the tractor also got stuck. After that, they walked all night by the light of the moon, slipping and falling in the muddy fields.
    They arrived early the next morning to a warm welcome. Villagers began arriving at the house church to pray for two hours before the service. Some had walked fifty miles just to hear God’s Word. The house had no chairs, so the church members sat on rocks or pieces of wood. In this area, they had another blessing: It was too difficult for the police to follow. For a few days, they could worship freely!
    Each had overcome extreme travel conditions to worship, and none considered it a sacrifice. They just had a desire like David, who was drawn to worship with every fiber of his being.

For those in restricted nations, church is not optional; it is essential. In contrast, in free nations many people make up their minds each week whether or not they will attend church. Do they have time? Is it raining? Would they rather sleep late? What’s the sermon topic anyway? Shamefully, we often run through a gamut of questions trying to decide whether church is worth our time. For David and others, going to meet with God was a no-brainer. In fact, they would not let anything keep them from it. When is the last time you asked God to give you a desire for worship like this? Ask him today, and make plans to attend church this week and meet with God. VOM extreme devotion 16-May 09


When I first read the article today from ‘extreme devotion’ I thought to myself “what commitment”?

As I pondered these thoughts the Spirit wrought His conviction… it’s not commitment, it is love. A believer can not have the commitment that is demanded of his/her Lord, until he/she loves so vehemently that circumstances play absolutely no role in the matter. This only comes from a steady diet of God’s word… we must esteem the words of His mouth more than our necessary food

Once we saturate our minds with the unadulterated truth of God’s word, even physical suffering in this world pales in comparison to being disobedient to His word. Consider the testimony of a dear Vietnamese pastor imprisoned for his faith… 


“We have learned that suffering is not the worst thing in the world— disobedience to God is the worst.”

I would to God that the church in America would get a glimpse of such love, such commitment, such obedience.