‘diversity and tolerance…. a one way street’

Christian Anti Defamation Commission

I receive a daily news letter from Dr. Gary L. Cass and the CADC ‘Christian Anti-Defamation Commission’. I highly recommend this news letter, you will find it well worth the read.



This Isn’t In Our Imaginations

Wednesday, 01 July 2009 20:32

There was an ominous knock at the door at the home of an older Christian couple. Two police men presented themselves on the doorstep. After an intimidating and invasive hour long police interview, the Christians were warned they were very close to going to jail for seven years.

It all started when the couple noticed their community was displaying pro-homosexual materials for the general public. So the Christians decided that they would call their local elected official and ask if they could have equal treatment and set out some Christian literature, too.

They spoke to a member of the official’s staff. The couple was told “no,” they could not distribute Christian literature. Why? The community was committed to diversity and Christian materials might offend homosexuals.

But the Christians said that they found the homosexual material offensive. Just for expressing their offense on a private phone call to their elected official’s office, the staff member filed a police report accusing them of a hate crime. The police then came knocking and threatened to lock them up.

Apparently diversity and tolerance is a one way street, offending and intimidating Christians is perfectly lawful.

This is part of a larger pattern of intimidation against Christians in England where hate crime laws have been implemented. It’s coming to the US if we don’t act to stop the “Hate Crime Bill, S.909. This bill, S.909, lays the legal foundation for intimidating anyone who declares the biblical truth about homosexuality or Islam. We know this because in countries like England and Canada, where hate crime laws have been implemented, this is what happens.

Another British Christian, Andy Robertson, an open air preacher, was confronted and told by police officers after preaching an open-air message. Someone had alleged that Robertson had attacked homosexuality as a sin which the police told him was a criminal offense. A recording of his message demonstrated that he had not said anything about homosexuality and whoever reported him was lying.

Is this what it’s going to come to in America? Are we going to have the police monitoring our speech to insure that we have politically correct doctrine? In Canada, American Christian broadcasters are censored already from saying anything critical of Islam or a person’s sexual sin.

This is the kind of intimidation and censorship that we will all be subject to if we let the pending federal hate crime law S.909 pass in the US Senate. The Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings on the bill just last week. There is still time to oppose this bill while it goes through the Senate mark-up session.  End of CADC article


Thanks to Dr. Cass and the CADC for keeping these issues in the forefront as the government would rather this take place with much less extravaganza.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit saith.



  1. Although I wouldn’t particularly want him teaching a Sunday School class, I believe much can be learned from listening to some of the facts gleaned from Rush Limbaugh. I learned just today of testimony coming from the Attorney General of the United States of America concerning hate crimes that your fears are much closer than we might think.
    The Founding Fathers of the United States of America would not even recognize what this nation has become. That which began through brave men and women setting goals that were inspired by Spiritual powers not of this world is drawing to a close through men and women bent on the destruction of all that has been accomplished. I am persuaded that the most spiritual people on this planet live in the United States of America; sadly, too few of them stand for Jesus.

    • Thanks concernedx2 for stopping by ‘a word from malachi’. Concerning Rush Limbaugh as a Sunday School teacher….. I concur.

      We are living in a day in which standing for the cause of Christ and that upon the word of God will be construed as hate. Sad but true.

      I am amazed continually that we can not see through this deception, but it is true and that the sign of the times in which we are living. A delusional spirit thriving and waxing strong.

      Concerning the nation that we have become… you are spot on and it did not happen over night. The church in America has lost her savor and her light has grown dim and a spirit of darkness is alive and doing well. I would to God that we would return to His word and repent of our sin. You are correct “too few” of the Church are even standing for Christ.

      God bless my friend and stop back in anytime.

      Peace in Yeshua
      brother malachi

  2. I have said it before and it is becoming more clear…….freedom of speech is guaranteed for everyone EXCEPT Christians. We are banned from speaking the truth in love and the time is here that we could be arrested for doing so. Strange how those who practice Islam can speak and teach “death to the infidel” with no cause to worry but if a Christian says that homosexuality is a sin against God, we are named a “terrorist” in danger of persecution!! Darkness is upon us. Rise up Believer and fight for the cause of Christ!!

    • Yes Marianne, it does seem that we are headed down a one-way street. What is said in truth is construed as ‘hate’ and that is not the case at all. This word ‘hate-crimes’ and ‘hate-speech’ is nothing more than governments attempts to control the very thoughts of individuals and if you can not control the thoughts at least the tongue. Stop the mouth that stands upon God’s word. This is nothing new.

      I have been somewhat perplexed that this double standard really goes in a number of directions …. though we see other religions that openly oppose the homosexual life style, these same other religions seem to get a pass. This spirit of schism between the radical homosexual community and Christianity is liken to no other religious group.

      For some time now I have been amazed that there is not a more aggressive battle ground between Islam and the homosexual community. When one considers Islam’s aggressive opposition to the homosexual lifestyle you would think that there would be a more aggressive anti-Islam spirit and that publicly vocal, yet the homosexual community is silent to Islam’s aggression while vehemently attacking the Christian agenda.

      A good example of this is from this news out of Iran-


      Where is the outcry. Why are these homosexual that oppose any religious systems not storming mosque and interrupting religious services? Why are they not standing out on the fronts of these religious centers holding signs blaspheming the Islam faith and their god and protesting on the Imams front door steps?

      Why aren’t they opposing with a strong arm any Muslims seeking public office in America or protesting in cities like Hamtramck, Michigan where the City Council of Hamtramck, Michigan approved an amendment to the city’s noise ordinance to allow the Muslim call to prayer over loudspeakers 5 times daily, from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.? Where is the outcry of these radical homosexuals? Even the mouth of the A.C.L.U has be stopped! Hmmm….


      Could it be that they (the homosexual community) realizes that in Christianity they will be met in a spirit of peace and in the case of Islam a sword? It will effect the way one thinks, eh? If we drill down far enough we might find it is not about a sinful lifestyle or even a religion. It has far deeper spiritual implications.

      Yes, darkness is upon us but we have the light of God’s word that we must stand upon so that we will be light in this day of darkness.

      Peace in Yeshua

  3. You are right, Brother Malachi, the homosexual community wars against the laws of a holy God but are fearful to go near the tent of the Islam god.

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