‘the danger of our children being educated by fools’

“the fool hath said in his heart, there is no God”



I receive The Voice of the Martyr’s daily devotional, Extreme Devotion. These daily devotions are filled with stories of courage, commitment, confession, and compassion—a price demanded; a price paid.

It is an excellent resource for keeping the church in America aware of the systematic suppression that is waged against Christianity throughout all the world and the plight of the persecuted church as they simply live their life for Christ.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters that are in the midst of the fire!


“One day the teacher told us that we would play a special game. She whispered to us about a special book that our parents may have hidden in our homes. We were to wait until our parents went to sleep, search for this book, and secretly bring it to school the following day for a special surprise. I went home and immediately began searching for the book.

    “The next day I was one of fourteen children who brought the black book, a Bible, to class. We were awarded bright red scarves, and the other students clapped as the teacher paraded us around the room.
    “I ran home that afternoon because I was so excited to tell my mother how I had won the red scarf. She wasn’t in the house or the barn. I waited, but neither she nor my father came home, and I began to get scared. I was hungry and it was becoming dark. I began to feel sick inside, and I fell asleep in a chair.
    “The next day police officers came and informed me that I was now in the care of the government. I never saw my parents again.”
    An elderly woman from North Korea relayed this story. She never heard from her parents and is still struggling to find forgiveness. She is only one of many who have gone through such trials.

Contrary to a popular caricature, the devil does not appear in a red suit, poised with a pitchfork. We would easily recognize such an obvious overture to evil. However, like the child in this story, we often come across him in a different light. The enemy representatives are often impressive people in high places. Consider the influence of a smooth-talking business partner. Or imagine the power a university professor wields in the name of academia. As the child in this story discovered, the enemy plays dirty. We must put away naiveté and be on guard against the enemy wherever we come across him and his representatives. Are you easy prey for the enemy? Or will he find you alert and on guard?

vom- extreme devotion sep 21 ’09


We are constantly being told today that it is unconstitutional for the government or the public schools to promote ‘religion’. And with this  political verbiage a prayer-less church has been undermined by the wiles of the devil as we have sat by and watched this seeming promotion evolve into an obstruction, and that with absolutely no consideration for one’s constitutional rights.

Now those of us who keep up with this vehement suppression of Christianity in our society, realize the issue is not about religion at all.  The real crux of the matter is this Jesus Christ.

When the children of a nation are indoctrinated by a foolish system, there is a real good chance that the product of that system will be immersed in foolish thinking and that not in the wisdom of God.

Our brothers and sisters in North Korea are still faced with vehement opposition. Please remember them as you live in the comfort of your American Christianity.



  1. Stories like this one should bring us to our knees that we now are able to worship where we please. Yet it should also bring to our mind that we are in danger of losing that freedom if we continue to remain silent as God is removed from all public places.

    Brother Malachi , I fear for a day when we also will be persecuted for following Jesus! The blessed name of Jesus is now becoming a hate word to those who demand their “right” to pervert the laws of God.

    The enemy of our soul has invaded our country and is made to feel comfortable. Are we ready to fight this battle on our knees?

    • Oh Marianne, as I was thinking of your comments, it seems to be the crux of the matter… “should bring us to our knees”.

      Lest we take for granted this bountiful blessing of the liberties we have enjoyed living in America lets us thank God for His blessing and mercy… My fear is we have not done so nor countered the work of the enemy with the power of prayer. This shallow gospel that has permeated the church now for some 25 – 30 years has led us to look for blessings in the things that are not of the True and Living God, but the god of this age.

      Because of this deception and spirit of delusion, God has no choice but to purge His church through the fire of persecution. If you stop and think about it, the purging is not for a clear revelation of God, for He knows the heart of every man. The purging is to be for the church, to separate the truth from error: the removal of the dross if you please. Much dross has saturated the church and left her defiled and ignorant. I share the same conviction that the Spirit of God has placed firmly in your heart. The only question other readers must consider, is are we willing to stand upon His word as this fire begin to rage in America as it is in all of the world?

      Once again, consider the thought of us on our knees. God will bring us to our knees. He has a way of doing that and has proven Himself time and time again.

      Thanks for your continued support in the message from malachi!

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